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The sport of flying RC model aircraft embodies many of the same traits found in sailing and even operating a ham radio station. RC flying provides several areas of interest from the building of scale models to aerobatic competition. The Radio Controlled model aircraft of today are sophisticated technological wonders using computer controlled radio transmitters and receivers employing spread spectrum technology at 2.4 Ghz. Engines have solid state electronic CD ignitions and are capable of developing very high power to weight ratios. At the high end of the spectrum are the on board computer controlled true jet turbine powered aircraft capable of very realistic high speed flying.

Whether your interest is in building kits, home brewing scale aircraft, sport flying, or honing your skills for competitive flying, RC modeling has something for everyone. Attending the various events around the nation you will have the opportunity to view everything ranging from WW II military aircraft and Golden Age beauties to modern aerobatic performers and high tech turbine powered aircraft.

Stop by your local hobby shop and find out where the local flying field is. Also check with the AMA and IMAA. The URL’s for their web sites appear under “Cool Links”. Drop by the field on most any nice day and you will find RC modelers enjoying the sport of model aviation.

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